YEA Yatala Enterprise Area

The Yatala Enterprise Area is one of the most important industrial land resources in South East Queensland.

As South East Queensland continues to expand at an unprecedented rate the Yatala Enterprise Area (YEA) will also continue to grow. The businesses that make the decision to locate in the YEA have the best opportunity for growth too.

Yatala Enterprise Map

The YEA’s location in the north of the Gold Coast positions it as the pivotal point between Queensland and New South Wales border in the south and Queensland’s capital Brisbane in the north. The YEA’s location provides a high level of connectivity to local and regional markets, the Port of Brisbane and interstate trade destinations.

The YEA is a 3305ha site with enough land to meet demand until 2046 that will accommodate up to 40,000 workers at capacity. The development focus is on advanced manufacturing, transport and distribution, warehousing, food processing, building and construction and wholesale trade. So far, more than 800 companies employing around 8,000 staff have chosen the YEA as home to their business.

Unprecedented Growth

South East Queensland is Australia's fastest growing region and estimates from the SEQ Regional Plan point to almost a doubling of the population from 2.8 million people to more than 4.4 million by 2031.

A range of factors have underpinned this growth, including its natural environment, lifestyle opportunities and an open and welcoming business community.

The Gold Coast is currently Australia’s sixth largest city with a population of 500,000 which is expected to grow to nearly 800,000 by 2031. To accommodate the Gold Coast’s considerable growth, an additional 7,733 jobs will need to be created every year for the next 30 years or more than 232,000 jobs in total.

The businesses locating in the YEA are going to play a vital role in creating jobs across the whole South East Queensland region.

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